Weekend Recap 7/14

Weekend Recap 714.png1

Well hello there Monday! Seems like the weekend goes by super fast and then back to Monday. I haven’t felt the Monday dragging effect because I have been on vacation for the past few weeks, but that is all coming to an end real fast.

Quality Time With The Mr.

– The hubby had three days off this past week and it was great. We had a lot of time to chat, clean, and just spend time together! One of the highlights of having days off is that we can go to sleep late and when that happens we take midnight trips to the grocery store for late night snack, these trips are my favorite 🙂
This is how our late night trips to the store happen:
Me: ahh you know what would taste good right now?
Mr. no, what?
Me: a cold popcicle, one of those mango fruttare posicles!
Mr: mmm, you want to go to Walmart?
Me: yes!!
Mr. Ok, let’s go.
Next thing you know it’s 1 in the morning and we are driving to Walmart! And this happens more often than I can count.

That Sky Is On Fire

– On Friday we went to our local outdoor marketplace and we witnessed the sky on fire, the most beautiful sunset between all those palm trees and buildings. This phone picture doesn’t justify how vibrant and beautiful the sunnset looked, but this picture will do so you guys can see a bit of what we witnessed.

Favorite Topping

– We also stopped to get some frozen yogurt with extra popping bobas! If you’re a frozen yogurt person, what are you favorite toppings?Weekend Recap 714.png1

Easy Peasy Dessert

– I made some dessert, a super easy and yummy dessert. I made some Bananarama Wafer Pudding. It was so easy, it’s always easy when it only takes like 4 ingredients and the recipe comes from a box!Weekend Recap 714.png1

Totally forgot to add whip cream :/ and the final product doesn’t look like the box, but it was good!

New Projects

– I had a chance to catch up on some new projects for this little blog. Those projects will most definitely be coming soon!

1 Wish:
I wish fall was next week for two simple reasons, I want to start burning my fall candles and I don’t want to be sweaty every time I go outside. 
Random fact:

– I’m in love with wicker (banana leaf) baskets like these.
– I love to sleep and I tend to function better when I’ve had 8 -10 hrs. of sleep 🙂

How was your weekend?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂