Weekend Recap 6/30

Weekend Recap 630

Weekend Recap
1. On Sunday I sat on the edge of my couch, biting my nails, while I watched Mexico vs. Netherlands play. All I have to say is that Mexico left their heart on that field, but sadly they’re going back home.
2. Can I say that I finally jumped on the twitter bandwagon. How long has twitter been around..mmm yeah. I still love instagram!
3. I have discovered Rookie & Moldiv apps for iphone, and I’m obsessed, I even wrote a whole blog post on that! If you missed it check it out here! I want to add frames and fonts to all my pictures.
4. I have discovered so many new bloggers and link ups! Here are some of my new reads
Whispering Sweet Nothings >inspirational and unafraid to speak her mind <
Treasure Tromp >Lifestyle and host of Treat Yo’ Self Thursday<
The Real Housewife of Greenville >Lifestyle<
Homegrown State of Mind >Lifestyle and Paleo Foodie Lover<
Keep Calm & Carry On >Lifestyle a little bit of everything<
5. I spent Sunday pinning away. Lately I have been really into white kitchens. I love white spaces. white kitchens and big bright spaces. The kitchen above is exactly what I absolutely love! Can you add kitchens to you bucket list, because i’m adding this kitchen to mine 🙂
1 Wish
I wish every blog had a GFC displayed somewhere. I would love to see everyone’s posts in my blogger feed.
Random Facts About Me
– I’m not a big soccer lover but LOVE the WORLD CUP 🙂 #worldcupfever
– I like using a mouse&pad when using my laptop & My mouse pad has Riley all over!
– I’m really trying to figure out how to use my camera’s manual settings.