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Simple Things Sunday Sunday’s Letters 2

Dear Starbucks, after so long, I finally took a glimpse of the aromas bursting through the door, the atmosphere, the people, the lighting, the walls, the decor, the pretty tumblers sitting on the shelve and often the friendly baristas rushing back and forth. I finally held one of your pretty holiday cups and drank a sweet tasty drink, can’t wait to try the rest of your holiday treats! 
Dear Stress 
you seem to go away and come back as strong as can be. I try to ignore your existence in my life but it can be hard to do. You seep right through the cracks and when I least expect it all erupts. Or the other analogy I like, is feeling like I’m being pushed underwater and not being able to come up to take a breath. The hardest part is learning how to balance life and not letting you seep through those cracks. 
Dear Date Night 
where have you been, where have you been hiding? I know where you have been, sitting on the back burner, that’s where you have been hiding. I was so caught up in other things, things that are important but are not worth forgetting that you exist. I’ve come to terms and have decided to bring you back into my life because you certainly put a much needed smile on my face.   
Dear Balance 
my body, mind, and soul need you. Realizing that “balance” is much needed in my life has been so hard lately. My body was aching, my mind was feeling burnt out, and my soul was screaming “slow down.” I had to learn the hardest way to balance my life. 
Dear Happiness 
after trying to balance life, dealing with stress and life I have learned that at the end of the day being happy and having the most important people in my life is all that matters.
I thought I would share a bit of my life lately. I guess this is my blog and it’s okay to share how I feel. I guess one is always learning about ones’ life and everyday experiences and I love that I can come here and reflect, it makes me feel better 🙂
How do you guys balance family, career, and life in general?
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