Simple things Sunday: Sunday’s Letters

Simple Things Sunday Sunday’s Letters 2

Dear School I can’t wait until I gain some more knowledge and skills for the next year or so. Then you will set me free to undertake the real world of teaching. 
Dear Sister 
I love those nights when we lose track of time and we talk until the crack of dawn, and then you end up falling asleep while my mouth keeps running.
Dear July 
you and your monsoon have finally made your grand appearance, but I’m still waiting for that rain and those thunderstorms, for your dark clouds and your beautiful sunsets in the horizon.
Dear Mr. 
I admire your perseverance and motivation to always reach higher than you ever set your goals to be.     
Dear kitchen 
I love entering your world but I don’t like that at the end of it all I have to wash your dishes.
1 Wish

I wish I could fast forward time and start teaching (have my own classroom)  🙂
Random Facts
– I randomly get baby fever, but I have to constantly tell myself “not yet.”
– I’m fluent in both English and Spanish

Happy Sunday!