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Dear Little Desk I finally cleaned your little space. I had forgotten how good it feels to sit in your space and see every part of you so clean.

Dear Wildflowers your beautiful colors, delicate petals and your overall wild beauty reminds me that there is beauty even in the wildest of all places. .

Dear Rain this is the season when you’re supposed to pour like it’s nobody’s business, but you haven’t yet, I’ll keep waiting for that perfect storm. 

Dear Dog Whisperer I would love for you to come and help us our with our furry child. How can we get Riley to stop barking at every big dog he sees, how do we help Riley be more social and not have to leave the park every time a big dog walks in, and how can we keep calm and assertive?

Dear Life you have been so calm, stress-free, and you have kept that smile on my face. I’m grateful for times like these and I know life can get hard but I’ll remember to smile because life is too short.


After watching a few episodes of the dog whisperer the Mr. and I became so inspired to try new ways to train Riley. We spoil Riley so much that sometimes we let him get away with everything, I just hope we can stick to some of Cesar Millan’s tips and keep calm and assertive 🙂

Have you guys watched the dog whisperer? If you have, what do you think of his tips?

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