Need A Blogging Routine

Are you a routine kind of person or do you just simply go with the flow?
I previously had a talk all about how to overcome blogger’s block and came to the realization that I need structure and routine when it comes to writing. I need to follow a prompt to get my juices flowing.
My brain is so trained to skim through everything which means that I just love reading blog posts that include lists, bullet points, bold words, and PICTURES! and ocassionally the super long ones. To give this blog a little bit of structure (sometimes going with the flow is also okay) I will try to stick to the following list:
 Weekend Recap
A fun way to recap what I did on the weekend.
Wednesday  Random Thoughts 
Random thoughts will be posted, occasionally I’ll post on Tues. & Thurs.
Friday Five on Friday or High Five for Friday
I will follow these link ups and write my daily five thoughts.
Sunday Simple things Sunday
Occasionally I’ll join this link up and share simple things such as photos, letters & inspirations.
So here it is, this will definitely give me a routine and I just hope I can follow through. And hopefully give you all,  my lovely readers, a list of what to expect!
And hope you enjoyed a little dose of Riley today.. he loves routines!
Please give me some ideas.
I would love to know what works for you? How do you come about your posts?

Thanks for reading

Have a great Saturday!