How I overcame blogger’s block

How I overcame blogger's block

Do you ever feel like the little things that inspire us get lost sometimes. This is how I felt about my blog, my little writing, creative, inspiring space. I felt my inspiration being lost somewhere in an unknown place, and I needed to, desperately, find that place and brighten it a little. See I had a couple of things going on that were not helping at all. 
Writer’s Block

– I had the external block-when real life intrudes
– I had the internal block – when “I can’t” gets in the way
– I had the writing itself – I can write but feeling like everything you write is not good enough.
Nothing was happening. Not one sentence felt right. I wanted to get it over with quickly, but feeling stuck. I felt like there was a thick brick wall between my brain and the page :/ Sometimes it felt like I was fumbling around in a foggy haze and I couldn’t seem to find words – or words couldn’t find me.

Boring Blog Design

Then there was my blog, every time I refreshed my page and looked at it, I wasn’t excited to see it. I had the same design for a long time and it worked for the time being, but it wasn’t working anymore. Cluttered Space
I’m a big fan of white spaces and clean spaces. And even though my old blog had plenty of white spaces, it felt cluttered.
Feeling overwhelmed
With life, school, marriage and being a furry child mamma, and on top of all that wanting to create every DIY project, write on a daily basis, and trying to take pictures of everything to put it on my blog was very overwhelming. I eventually set this blog aside and forgot about it.
How I overcame the bumps on the road
Reflect: I did a lot of that.
I first had to think about who I was writing for, why was I doing this, what was my goal in having this blog. After thinking and reflecting on these three questions, I can say I found answers.
-Writing for me, I needed to write for myself and then other readers.
-I started a blog because (I found this answer within my blog, in the about me section) “I wanted a space to reflect and share my thoughts and finally decided to start my own blog and share a little bit of my everyday life.”
-My goals, to share a little bit of my life.
Note to self: 
– Do it for you, Do it for fun! all the pageviews are a big plus.
– You are doing this to share with all the lovely friends and family who take the time to come to your blog.
– You blog because you want people to hear you, you want them to want to hear you.
– Be you when you write, you don’t have to be the best writer.
– You don’t have to stress over writing everyday, but rather when ever you find inspiration.
– This is your blog, your space > be unique in your own way > be HAPPY 🙂

“You don’t always need a plan.

Sometimes you just need to breath,

trust, let go and see what happens.”

-Mandy Hale

Finally, I decided for new beginnings and that means a new, fresh and clean blog space. This new space finally reflects who I am and I love that. This space is even more meaningful because I designed and created all of it, all by myself (and the help of great tutorials). What do you think of this new space, I would love to know your thoughts!

Cheers to new and inspiring beginnings!
Thank you all for being such great and inspiring readers & followers
oh. and before I let you go..
I have jumped on the twitter bandwagon..what!!!
Yes finally, better late than never right.
So if you want we can follow each other
(my blog’s full name wasn’t available)