High Five for Friday: Recent Beauty Favorites

One: This is the latest foundation I have tried and it’s okay. This is my first time using any of the tarte cosmetics and so far I’m not over the moon with this product. This product claims to last 12-hours, but I beg to differ. I have combination skin and I find that 4-6 hours after wearing it, it begins to look blotchy. This is one of those products that I bought, tried and would not re-purchase simply because I find that there are better drugstore foundations out there (budget friendly), for example, like my Revlon Colorstay!

Two: The much awaited Naked 3 palette. This is the first eye shadow palette from this collection that I’ve owned, and I absolutely love it. I think it looks great on any skin tone and it has great pigmentation. I use this thing almost everyday!

Three: Super Favorite This NARS eyeshadow primer is awesome! I love, love this (can you tell I absolutely love this thing). Here is my deal, I have super greasy eyelids ( I know gross) but it’s reality for me. Anyhow this primer works wonders. It goes on very smoothly and it will last all day, seriously my eye shadow looks intact (no crease lines). I have nothing bad to say and if you tend to have greasy eyelids, like myself, then I would definitely recommend this primer >> well worth the splurge!

Four: Here is another beauty splurge. This product claims to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and helps makeup stay put. I would agree, it minimizes my pores and leaves a smooth canvas for my foundation. I only use this under my makeup, I have yet to try it throughout the day to mattify shine.

Five: This is another great splurge. I know there are dupes out there for this product, but I went straight for the original beautyblender. I just have to say, I love this too! It really leaves my skin looking flawless and looking airbrushed. I would love to try the dupes and see if I can tell the difference, but until then, I’ll keep loving this product.

Six: This is a budget friendly lipstick. I love how creamy it is and the color pigmentation is great (a plus for drugstore lipsticks). Even thought this is a creamy lipstick, I still like to apply my favorite lip moisturizer, the Vaseline lip moisturizer.

Seven: This is another drugstore favorite. It works great in covering my dark circles (most of the time). The only negative about this product is the sponge applicator, I don’t like this because it”s hard to keep it 100% sanitized.

Eight: These are my favorite drugstore nail polishes. They are long lasting, even after washing dishes and all, they last longer than average. This is my favorite color as of right now. It looks dark red but it actually has an orange tint, which is great for the summer (it doesn’t look like a winter red).

These are my current beauty favorites but please excuse my mini-reviews, see I’m not the best at this.

So if you made it this far, thanks for reading 🙂

I would love to know if any of these products are your favorite?

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