DIY Travel Jewelry Roll

DIY Travel Jewelry Roll

Want  an easy & cheap DIY

Here is a super easy and cheap DIY.

I have seen jewelry rolls at the stores with fancy pockets and zippers, but quite honestly they

either have too much going on or the price tag is not within my budget. I’ll be honest, every time I travel I end up stuffing my jewelry in a zip-lock bag :/, yes a zip-lock, and you can already guess what happens when I try to take them out, but that’s a whole different story. Anyhow, you want to make your own easy & cheap travel jewelry roll, then keep reading. Be advised that this is not a super fancy jewelry roll, but it will do the job!

So you probably already have safety pins and a kitchen towel somewhere in your house

and if you don’t then you can head over to your local Dollar Tree store and spend $2 plus change.

Like I said super cheap and easy too.

This is the towel I found in the kitchen section of the Dollar Tree store. You can choose from different colors and designs and even different materials. I like bright so this is the towel I found plus it’s easy to find in my luggage. This is a microfiber towel and I found that some of the jewelry sticks to the towel (like Velcro but not really) I personally like it because that way my jewelry doesn’t slide or try to come out. So if you don’t want your jewelry sticking to your towel then don’t get a microfiber towel.

FYI: I chose a kitchen towel because they are long enough and thin (less bulk), but you can make it with any other towel.DIY Travel Jewelry Roll

These are the steps, self explanatory.

DIY Travel Jewelry Roll

Here you go, your own jewelry roll. Use it when you travel or even just to store jewelry. One more thing, if you fly, TSA  says you should be fine carrying safety pins in your checked bags 🙂

DIY Travel Jewelry Roll

This is how it looked once all my jewelry was pinned down. Then I simply rolled each jewelry piece, so that each piece is rolled by itself (no sharing space here). Except rings and earnings can share space.

DIY Travel Jewelry Roll

I hope you enjoyed this DIY & if you try this DIY I would love to see pictures one way or another.  Thanks for stopping by!

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