DIY 4th of July Tassels

DIY 4th of July Tassels
Here is a fun DIY craft.
I have seen these all over and wanted to try and make some of my own.
I found this awesome tutorial, she explains every step plus they are super cute landeelu.
I worked with everything I had, so I didn’t have to go out and buy anything (makes me happy)
I even added some glitter, it’s 4th of July, everything is better with glitter!
DIY 4th of July Tassels
Here is a little behind the scenes.
Just to show you how I make it work in my little apartment.
I love this table (made by my dad), it’s so sturdy and great for all my DIY projects and paper crafts. As you can see I set the table by the window and sit comfortably on the couch. Please excuse the furry child proof gate.
As you can see nothing fancy but I make it work.
I present to you my little gallery space, it’s a tiny place reserved for all our pictures and 4th of July tassels 🙂
DIY 4th of July Tassels
Thanks for stopping by & Happy crafting!