5 Must-have Products During Pregnancy

5 Must-have Products During Pregnancy

I think I’ve read every single pregnancy advice and have been prepared for all the symptoms and side effects in the sun … dreamy! Here are 5 products that I really rely on (some literally) to help me get through my pregnancy.

1. Bra open

One thing no one told me is that my ribs will expand to make room for the baby during the second and third trimesters. Aside from being in pain, I also woke up one morning to find that none of the bras were right for me (thank goodness I work from home and almost never wear one).

Since a good bra can be hard to find (and usually not cheap), I don’t want to throw a ton of money on a bunch of new ones I’ve only worn for a few months. Since I don’t need to increase the cup size, just move to a wider range, here is the perfect solution:

With just a few pop dollars, they are a great way to extend your pre-pregnancy bra usage until (if you decide to breastfeed) you move to closer nursing after birth / after birth.

Shown are the extensions from Coco Closet, and there are lots of other options on Amazon. I have also seen these for sale at maternity stores and even some craft stores. If you’re the frugal / cunning type, you can make your own using the old bra cutout screws. (Here’s a YouTube tutorial from Doulaville.)

2. Long overalls

Whether you’re trying to save money or just looking to get the most out of your temporary maternity wardrobe, one thing you should definitely have in your wardrobe is a brassiere or two (or a dozen). It doesn’t matter if they have thin spaghetti straps or thicker tank straps as long as the torso is super stretch and looooong – long enough to fully cover your maternity belly and elastic waistband of maternity pants (unless you want to be show it to the world, wacky friend).

Camis are great because they mean I can wear some of my regular tops without worrying I’m flashing innocent bystanders. They also provide extra support and containment to all the bumpy and bulging – weird places that come with this bizarre pregnancy body. I buy them in neutral colors (black, white, beige) so I can blend them with everything in my wardrobe, but brighter colors can add a fun hue to the outfit and in the summer I plan to wear them alone on jeans, shorts, and skirts.

These heirloom Camisoles are available in white, black, cream and navy and are priced under $ 15!

3. An exercise ball

We have an old fitness ball in the cupboard that is barely usable for actual exercise until a friend mentions she used it to gently put the baby to sleep at night. . It was a hygienic savings for us when my first son was a newborn, and now that I’m pregnant again, it’s great to have some pain relief before born. When the baby is here, I really hope I can use the ball to get in shape.

Many hospitals and fertility centers have exercise balls (also called birth balls) available as a labor aid, but if you have one at home, you can use it even earlier to helps stretch your hips and back muscles as well as to prepare your body to move. I like to sit on a ball with my legs in front of me, shoulder-width apart, and then I gently and slowly rotate my hips in a circle in one direction a few times, then the other. To stretch my back, I tilt my pelvis forward and back. Even just sitting still on the ball feels comfortable after I spend the day in the office chair.

This is one that we love from Trideer, it’s durable and weight supportive.


  • Make sure you have the right ball. Babyzone advises women shorter than 5’3 “to use a 55 cm ball and anyone taller than a 65 cm ball (Here are a few exercises to strengthen the muscles you use during labor and delivery) .
  • Check with your doctor about the safety of using an exercise ball during your pregnancy. Some movements may not be right for you, especially if you’re at risk of preterm birth.
  • Gentle. Do light movements; Don’t turn up and down like you’re trying to set a new Olympic record.
  • Use common sense. Don’t lie face down on the ball or try to do push ups on the ball. Always make sure you are in good balance and there is no risk of falling the ball on the floor. (Sitting close to or leaning against the wall is a good idea.)

4. Pregnant woman’s pillow

What a humble name for such a glorious, life-affirming product: body pillow. Experts advise pregnant women to sleep on both sides (and the left is better than the right to provide maximum oxygen and blood to your baby), but with a huge belly, joint pain and general insomnia, It is sometimes difficult to fall asleep looking for a comfortable sleeping position – or at least uncomfortable.

Enter body pillow. Starting in my second trimester, I go to bed every night with a simple, old body pillow I have for all ages. Basically, it’s just a regular pillow, as long as the two are put together, and I love it so much, I’ll name it if that doesn’t make my husband jealous.

A simple, straight pillow, or even a couple of normal sized pillows might be enough for you, but if you’re looking for something more supportive, take a look at these options, all are specially designed for pregnant women.

A few of my friends swear by their Snoogles.

Boppy (best known for their nursing pillows) also comes with body pillows.

This one from Queen Rose is kind of crazy. Honey, we’re gonna need a bigger bed!

If you’re looking for a pillow with a lower configuration (and a lower price tag!), Look for something called a bedside bed.

As for me I’m fine with my regular old straight body pillow. As long as I have something to tuck between my knees (to relieve pressure on my hips) and tuck under my stomach (to keep myself from rolling over and hugging the baby), I’m fine to go.

5. Band Bella

Let me present to you one of my favorite, favorite, pregnancy findings: Bellaband from maternity designer Ingrid and Isabel. It’s basically a stretch of fabric tube that you wear on your mid-section, and if you’re wondering why in the world you want to do that, let me tell you how great it is. .

I initially got one to wear on my button-free jeans for my first three months ; My stomach is too big for my normal pants but I’m not pregnant enough that I feel fine investing in pregnant jeans. Bellaband is the perfect solution. I unzipped my pants, pulled the stretch fabric over the open fly, and I’m good to go for weeks and weeks.

During my second trimester

I wear it with maternity pants and a non- maternity shirt . Some regular tops still fit in the middle of me, but they’re too short to hide the stretchy fabric of pregnant women. Bellaband conceals the void and makes it look like I’m wearing a long cami underneath my shirt.

During the third round

When my stomach got big and heavy, I wore two Bellabands at the same time to provide extra support for my back and stomach when I needed it.

After the baby was born , I put on Bella Bella’s shirt so that I could lift it up to breastfeed without showing the soft postpartum belly to the world. Genius.

Several different companies make similar products, and a few independent sellers make their own but for me Bellaband is the best in terms of fit, fabric and function.