30 before 30

  1. Learn how to price match and stick to it
  2. Make an old rustic wooden dining table all by myself <3 a girl with power tools
  3. Graduate with my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education
  4. Purchase a house with extra windows and an extra room for my crafting
  5. See two lines, a plus, or a PREGNANT on a pregnancy test
  6. Take a road trip to at least three National Parks
  7. Meal plan and less eating out {good for our health, good for our wallet}
  8. Learn how to bake, at least 5 desserts, from scratch without making it a big FAIL.
  9. Make my own headboard to make my bed look complete
  10. Adopt another furry child
  11. Go see a concert with the Mr.
  12. Learn how to use my DSLR like a pro
  13. Learn a few quotes in Japanese
  14. Visit Japan and learn all about their culture
  15. Learn how to dance Salsa and Bachata {like a pro after 30}
  16. Stop eating so much bread
  17. Sew a dress that I can proudly wear out
  18. Take Holiday pictures with my little family every year
  19. Volunteer and give back to the community
  20. Print every single lesson plan & resource and file them in a cute drawer
  21. Do an extreme clean and go through every book, paper, and knick knack
  22. Take the Spanish test needed to be certified as a Bilingual teacher
  23. Plan and actually have a big party for my 30thbirthday and husband’s 30th.
  24. Remove the big black flower portrait in my living room and replace it with a gallery wall
  25. Go to the gym more often, at least twice a week
  26. Donate half my clothes and replace with a whole new wardrobe
  27. Finish this list
  28. 28…
  29. 29…
  30. 30….
    {The ones crossed out mean that I have reached that goal 🙂 }