30 before 30

1. Learn how to price match and stick to it

2. Make an old rustic wooden dining table all by myself <3 a girl with power tools

3. Graduate with my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

4. Purchase a house with extra windows and an extra room for my crafting

5. See two lines, a plus, or a PREGNANT on a pregnancy test

6. Take a road trip to at least three National Parks

7. Meal plan and less eating out {good for our health, good for our wallet}

8. Learn how to bake, at least 5 desserts, from scratch without making it a big FAIL.

9.Make my own headboard to make my bed look complete

10. Adopt another furry child

11.Go see a concert with the Mr.

12.Learn how to use my DSLR like a pro

13. Learn a few quotes in Japanese

14. Visit Japan and learn all about their culture

15. Learn how to dance Salsa and Bachata {like a pro after 30}

16. Stop eating so much bread

17. Sew a dress that I can proudly wear out

18. Take Holiday pictures with my little family every year

19. Volunteer and give back to the community

20. Organize every single lesson plan & resource and e-file them

21. Do an extreme clean and go through every book, paper, and knick knack

22.Take the Spanish test needed to be certified as a Bilingual teacher

23. Plan and actually have a big party for my 30th birthday and husband’s 30th.

24. Remove the big black flower portrait in my living room and replace it with a gallery wall

25. Go to the gym more often, at least twice a week

26. Donate half my clothes and replace with a whole new wardrobe

27. Finish this list




{The ones crossed out mean that I have reached that goal :) }


  1. Next time you come to visit your mother - in - law and my wonderful neighbor Mrs.Villa! Check out our Humane Society of Imperial County. You will surely find your furkid here with so many different personalities and breeds (especially chiwahwas) this shouldn't be a problem for you. Since you live in AZ now you can volunteer in other ways. Like our Humane Society has a foster program. Just an idea (: Love your blog!

    1. I would love to give back to all those furry pets, and we would love to adopt another dog, but as of now all we can do is give our time and love to the humane society. We can do so here in AZ or in the Valley :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I'm so happy you have a 30 before 30, I am totally doing one too!
    I actually got into blogging because I was terrible in the kitchen (looking at your #8), and 2 years later I feel pretty good about my skills.
    Also why the Japan interest?? My hubby is Japanese and we are going this Fall, so excited~~
    Love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine earlier!

    Pink Wings

    1. Hi Gina! I think it's great to have a 30 before 30. This is a great way to document your goals before you turn 30. My goal is to also become somewhat of a better pastry cook, I'm so glad blogging worked for you. As for my Japan interest, I have never been to Japan, but I have had a chance to study a little bit of the culture and I love it. How exciting that you get to go to Japan, if you post about it in your blog, I would love to see it all. Thanks for stopping by and following along.


  3. Love this! Just started following you!


    1. Thanks for following and for loving this idea of 30 before 30!


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