Jul 22, 2015

Exciting News!

I'm excited to announce the new and improved layout for this little blog of mine!
Not only did this blog get a much needed makeover but something new (like a new blog) was brewing on the other side. 

As you might already know or don't know, I graduated in May with a Bachelors in Education and I'm getting ready (in a few days) to begin my teacher journey! Butterflies, jitters, nerves all of that good stuff has definitely made a presence. 

I want to share my journey, ideas, and resources of a new teacher, but I didn't want for all of that to take over this sacred spot. I want this blog to be all about lifestyle and not all about teacher stuff. Anyhow, I have created a new teacher blog, so if any of you are teachers or simply just interested in reading please do so!!

Without further do I present to you my new sacred teacher spot.....

Happy Wednesday!

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