May 19, 2015

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph!

(FYI) I'm back for a bit!
I feel the most comfortable expressing my thoughts when I write or type. Sometimes expressing myself on this blog helps me deal with jumbled thoughts. So what am I trying to get at here... my 10 year long story :) 

Part I:

If you asked me what I wanted to do after high school, I would have answered, “I’m going to be a teacher, do 2 years at our local Jr. College, and then transfer to fulfill the last 2 years at the closest university campus to earn my BA.” Yes, that was my plan, my four year plan.  Most of my friends did fulfill the expectations, except I didn't plan for what was to come, and here is my story.

After I graduated high school, I began following my plan, I enrolled at the local Jr. College and began my studies. While I was attending Jr. College, I was also living at home with little to no financial responsibilities. Yes, I had household duties and all that jazz but the combination of having no financial responsibilities and normal household duties meant “living in my comfort zone.”

Four years later, I was still living in my comfort zone. Remember when I said that I would have received my BA in four years, well instead I was serving and making good money, or at least I thought, oh and I was still attending the local Jr. College. During this time I began to see high school friends graduating and receiving their BA and I began to look at my life. I hate comparing myself to others but it was hard not to. I knew what I wanted but it was unclear how I would get there. When I was finally ready to transfer to a nearby university the news came in regarding California state budget cuts that affected a lot of students getting ready to enter universities. I was one of those students affected. My name sat on a waiting list and I had no clue when I would be accepted. By this time I had already wasted precious time and I needed to find a way to finish my undergrad studies. My boyfriend, at the time, was also going through the same dilemma and we both found ourselves left with our names on a waiting list.

One day, waiting for my brother outside his high school, Marc (my boyfriend at the time) and I sat in his car and we began talking about our future. We were both frustrated because we felt as if we were tied down and we were ready for the next step. That same day, in the car waiting for my brother, our lives would change forever. We began talking about transferring to a different state. That had never crossed my mind but it sounded interesting. At this point we needed to do what was best for us and so we decided to look into the closest out of state university, this is how Arizona came into play. I wanted to be a teacher and when I found that Arizona State University (ASU) had a teachers college and it had great reviews, I was sold and Marc and I applied. When we received that letter in the mail stating that we had both been accepted, there was no turning back, we would move to Phoenix and finally earn our BA. Marc and I got married and made the move, we knew it wouldn’t be easy, but at this point we had to undertake anything coming our way.

The second part was the hardest yet, we knew it would be hard but life really kicked it us in our behinds when two years after the move we were still trying to finish school.

Come back to read my struggles and triumphs! 

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph: Part II


  1. I am glad you are back, Rosy even if for a little bit. I was wondering where you had gone off too!

  2. Hi Brittney! Yes, I'm back just for a bit while I have some down time. Glad to hear from you :)


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