Sep 29, 2014

Currently Vol.1

Summer bliss is all over for me. The days where I had nowhere to be and waking up later than late are pretty much over and done with. My days now feel as if there where not enough hours in the day to be active and not enough hours in the night to sleep. Days like these I tend to feel a little overwhelmed with life and everything life has decided to throw my way. Do you ever feel like you are trying to catch your breath underwater and can't seem to come up to the surface and catch your breath?

Currently Enjoying spending every minute possible with the Mr. and the little furry child even if it's just having Starbucks and going for evening walks :)

Currently Looking forward to cool weather and my favorite season Fall! I want to start burning my pumpkin spice candle and replace my fall wreath with my summer wreath!

Currently Loving my new iphone 6 and the smell of pumpkin spice.

Currently Listening to easy listening, my favorite Pandora station.

Currently Reading school related books and picture books, but I would love some extra time to read something for fun.

Currently Waiting for some time off so I can get crafty and give my blog some love!

Currently I'm trying to catch my breath :)

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Sep 28, 2014

Simple Things Sunday: Sunday's Letters

{Streets of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico 2013}

Dear Fall TV I hear all the buzz for your shows, but I don't know if all the buzz is worth sitting down for a whole hour or so. Maybe I'll skip this season and enjoy beautiful evenings outdoors!

Dear Streets of Mexico your streets are like no other. I want to go back to pleasant and welcoming people. I want to walk along your pebble streets, steep walkways, alleys that take me to magical scenes and colors so vibrant that make me fall in love over and over again!

Dear Sedona I can't wait to go back and hike your marvelous wonders and your welcoming warm colors. I can't wait to see the splendor of the Fall season and the sound of your glorious creeks. I can't wait to capture your beauty.

Dear Fall Break you are almost here, you will give me some much needed mental rest. I will use the time to indulge in what I love most... spending time with my little one and the Mr. and of course paper crafting!

Dear Jason Mraz your music brings happiness to my life. Those lyrics of positiveness and love are so encouraging. Yes, I have to say I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where I have been .. and yes, When you love someone your heartbeat beats so loud, When you love someone your feet can't feel the ground, When you love someone it comes back to you. I can go on and on with your beautiful music.

I feel like I'm finally getting my groove back and getting inspired to continue posting, it must be the weather :)

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Have a great Sunday!

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Sep 21, 2014

Simple Things Sunday: Sunday's Letters

Dear Mother Nature your forces and uproars are unpredictable. You witnessed how we're not prepared for your fury and let me tell you, we're not as prepared as we should be. 

Dear Butterfly your life is so short, yet you live so gracefully and fly so free. I should learn to let go, spread my wings, and fly free just like you do.  

Dear Life you are a miracle yet the hardest to let go. Sometimes it's so hard to understand why we have to let you go. I will celebrate your existence here on earth and your continuous blessing from heaven.  

Dear Grandmother I know your are always by my side, looking over me and taking care of me, but my selfish heart misses you dearly and it's been hard to let go, but I know that wherever you are, you are peaceful and happy as can be. I love you forever and ever :) 

Dear Body you are finally adjusting to your new routine. I know you don't feel as tired as you did just a few weeks ago. I'm happy to say that you are finally coming back to yourself, so please continue to cooperate!

There are times in life that things take big shifts, things that come at you unexpectedly, but that's life right! My point is that I have been away from blogging for a bit and you guys continue to be loyal blog friends, so thank you! I will come back to blogging slowly but surely :) 

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Have a wonderful Sunday!