Oct 5, 2014

Simple things Sunday: Sunday's Letters

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Dear Closet I walk into your tight spaces every morning and every night, I can't help but to feel overwhelmed with the mounts of clothing that just sit and sit waiting to one day be worn. I will try to clear some of those mounts to let you breath before I fill your space once again.

Dear Fall Leaves the nature of your chlorophyll break down brings upon colors that serenade the eyes. Those colors of green to yellow to orange and red are sure to light every path in my way and make me fall in love with every step I take.

Dear Cashier as I stand in line waiting to be helped by you, you seem so calm as you take so much from the person standing in front of you. Why is it that people take for granted jobs like yours. I admire what you do and how you deal with unthoughtful people.

Dear Arizona I have had the pleasure of living under your sun. stars and skies. Your hidden gems are like no other, those saguaros and those rock formations are fascinating in every way. I have yet to see everything you have to offer, but I will in due time, for now keep charming us with your hidden gems and beautiful land.  

Dear Thrift Store your capacity to house so many recyclable objects is admirable. I love that you have given books a chance to live and be loved once again. Soon I will be stepping into your space and giving books a chance to be read again and again.  

Just like many of you, I can't get over the thought that the weather is finally changing. This is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait to take full advantage of nice evening walks with the Mr. and the little one!

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  1. I'm in Arizona too and SO excited for this weather change. I feel like it's early this year! Can't believe we already have cool mornings and evenings in the beginning of October :)


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