Oct 17, 2014

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

What makes a happy marriage?
Is there such thing as a recipe for a perfect marriage?

Who says there is a perfect marriage, I have yet to hear about or see one. I have been married for 4 years and, no, my marriage is not perfect. I know you might be thinking, "only 4 years, she's still in her honeymoon stage, what does she know." Yes, I have been married for 4 years but I have come to learn what works in my marriage and what doesn't. Some might agree and some might disagree, but that's okay because everyone lives their marriage according to what works for them.

So what works, what has worked for the Mr. and I??
I'll share with you our recipe for love and a successful marriage even if I have only been married for 4 years! 

We are two people who:
Two people who are willing to meet in the middle in every life decision. 
Two people who have endless respect for each other. 
Two people who have endless communication.
Two people who are lovers, yet the best of friends.
Two people who share laughs together.
Two people who enjoy the little things in life.
Two people who learn to accept mistakes.
Two people who support each other.
Two people who learn from each other.
Two people who compliment each other.
Two people who sacrifice for each other.
Two people who share life goals.
Two people who accept imperfections.
Two people who value intimacy.
Two people who prioritize each other.
Two people who set pride aside.
Two people who are all about themselves.
Two people who never miss a goodnight kiss.
Two people who value the quantity of quality spent together.
Two people who have contentment but never have complacency.
Two people who always move forward to reach new heights.
Two people who choose to see the best in each other and in the world around them.
Two people who strive to give each other the very best of themselves.
Two people who have great foundations of faith.

I can probably keep going, but it's obvious, marriage is all about two people. These are things that the Mr. and I preach and value everyday. We value everything about each other and that's the reason why we decided to join our lives "till death do us part."

And if you must ask, yes, we bicker, disagree and get annoyed at times, but at the end of the day we talk and give each other a good night kiss and never ever hold grudges!  

Everyone has their own recipe for a happy marriage and I definitely respect that. I love listening to stories of couples that have been married for years and year and years. When ever I ask for the their recipe they tell me, love, respect, and communication! I must say that my recipe looks good because at the end of the day that's what the Mr. and I value in our marriage.

This recipe of love hangs in my kitchen and love it!
 I'm reminded of the basic ingredients of love :)

What are the most important ingredients in your recipe for a happy marriage?

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a wonderful Friday :)

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