Oct 15, 2014

Foyer Decoration + 4 DIY Halloween Projects

That "enter if you dare" is kind of spooky I have to admit. I love Halloween but I'm a scary cat when it comes to anything scary. I like to see pretty decorations and I like to see scary decorations from far away. The Mr. loves Halloween and he's always looking for the next scary movie to watch and I look at him with this look of "oh, no way" and sure enough that movie starts and I have to turn away or wear headphones, can you believe how silly I am, but I'm really terrified of scary movies and haunted anything. 

My little foyer area (that's what I like to call it) is not as scary, I have touches of Halloween and Fall meshed together and the smell of pumpkin spice that burns every evening. I still keep my wedding pictures, because I love them, but I need to update those pictures. I also sixplay some of the most precious pictures that are dearest to my heart. 

I'm always curious to see how people decorate their homes for the holidays, how do you like to decorate for Fall/Halloween?

I'll leave you with some DIY Fall/Halloween projects that I have created over the years, go ahead and take a look and hopefully you can get some ideas or simply just enjoy them for this Fall/Halloween season!

Happy Wednesday :)
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