Jul 28, 2014

Weekend Recap 7/28

Happy Monday Friends!!
Time flies when you're having fun,  even more when your days are spent resting and relaxing with family. I hope all of you had a great weekend as well!

What if kids redecorated your home
Yes, what if your kids decided to redecorate your home. I came across this video this past weekend and you have to see for yourself, watch how these little ones redecorate their home, bodies, and even the little baby in the crib. Oh my, what would I do if the first thing I saw was a big mess of art and kids all covered in paint, what would you do?
We almost melted
I swear I thought we would melt these past few days, guys it was a high of 115 °F (eyes wide open). These are days to stay inside while the Air conditioner is full blast and if the AC wasn't enough every fan needs to be on, that's how we survive these unbearable days of summer.

I'm Inspired Again
I spent Friday cleaning my little inspiration corner because somehow I had managed to make it my closet. My desk sits in the corner of my bedroom and every time I get home I like to change into comfortable clothing, so what happens is that the clothes I take off gets thrown on to the desk, I know not okay. I felt so bad that my "inspiration" corner had been covered in clothes, but it looks so nice now, and I'm inspired again :) By the way I'm embarrassed to show you how it looked so just imagine it or not :/ i'll show you some of my craft tools instead!

We ate at The Habit
Have you guys eaten at The Habit Burger Grill? This was our first time trying it and it was so delicious! The Mr. is always looking for new places to eat and we tend to try new places based on reviews, good reviews. The Habit was voted The best tasting burger in America by consumer reports, so we had to try it. If you haven't tried it and there is a location near you, definitely try it out. If you have tried it, what do you think?

1 Wish:
I wish I could pay for  T.V. shows I want to watch and not a whole bunch of channels that I'll never watch. When this happens then I'll go back to cable T.V. till then I'll stick to Netflix, local cable, and the internet.

Random Facts:
- My favorite food is authentic Mexican Food.
- I had all my wisdom teeth taken out a few months ago. 

Have a great Monday & Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG. I would freak out if my daughter tried to redecorate my home! Guess I'm just not a mamma opened to expression through art!

  2. Madaline, that's what I would do too! I think these little ones took it a step to far with their art lol!


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