Jul 11, 2014

High Five for Friday: Summer Dresses

Happy Friday!

I'm taking full advantage of this Friday because it's the last Friday I have off for the summer. Next Friday I'll be sitting in a training getting ready for my last year of school, which is super exciting because it's the beginning of my student teaching.

Anyhow back to this post. Here where I live, in the hot Arizonan Desert, I like to wear light clothing, sandals, and if at all possible light colored summer dresses. Going through my pinterest spring/summer style board I came across these dresses and I remembered why living here in the desert isn't too bad after all, I get to wear these dresses all year long.

Currently crushing over these dresses.
What Styles are you crushing on this summer?

navy dress

grey dress                                                       white lace dress 

white overlay dress

white dress with brown accents

These bottom two ladies are two of my favorite fashion bloggers. I love their simple yet fashionable and elegant looks. 

Julia from Gal Meets Glam
blue white dress

Alexandra from Lovely Pepa
Simple dress with accent lecklace

Happy Friday & Thanks for stopping by

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  1. i love that first outfit!!!

    1. I also think it's lovely, love the simple look! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love all of those dresses! Especially Julia's from Gal Meets Glam. I love summer dresses - they're cute, but sooo comfy too!

    1. Thanks Julie! I love these too, I'm all about cute and comfy :)


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