Jun 30, 2014

Weekend Recap 6/30

{image via pinterest}

Weekend Recap

1. On Sunday I sat on the edge of my couch, biting my nails, while I watched Mexico vs. Netherlands play. All I have to say is that Mexico left their heart on that field, but sadly they're going back home. 

2. Can I say that I finally jumped on the twitter bandwagon. How long has twitter been around..mmm yeah. I still love instagram! 

3. I have discovered Rookie & Moldiv apps for iphone, and I'm obsessed, I even wrote a whole blog post on that! If you missed it check it out here! I want to add frames and fonts to all my pictures.

4. I have discovered so many new bloggers and link ups! Here are some of my new reads 
Whispering Sweet Nothings >inspirational and unafraid to speak her mind <
Treasure Tromp >Lifestyle and host of Treat Yo' Self Thursday<
The Real Housewife of Greenville >Lifestyle<
Homegrown State of Mind >Lifestyle and Paleo Foodie Lover<
Keep Calm & Carry On >Lifestyle a little bit of everything<

5. I spent Sunday pinning away. Lately I have been really into white kitchens. I love white spaces. white kitchens and big bright spaces. The kitchen above is exactly what I absolutely love! Can you add kitchens to you bucket list, because i'm adding this kitchen to mine :) 

1 Wish
I wish every blog had a GFC displayed somewhere. I would love to see everyone's posts in my blogger feed. 

Random Facts About Me
- I'm not a big soccer lover but LOVE the WORLD CUP :) #worldcupfever
- I like using a mouse&pad when using my laptop & My mouse pad has Riley all over!
- I'm really trying to figure out how to use my camera's manual settings.

Joining these linky parties today!

Mingle 240  
Hope you had an awesome weekend
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  1. I am so with you on the white kitchens, it just makes life so much more bright and cheery.

    I also agree with the GCF comment. It bothers me when people don't have one granted they really hide it now. it took me a while to find it when I first started my blog.

    1. Yes, even if a kitchen is small, white makes it look a hundred times bigger and cheery! I think the GFC is great because it makes it easier to read and keep up with every blog I follow. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hey Rosy! LOVE your blog! I will definitely be your newest follower!

    A little tip about GFC (although I too wish everyone had this displayed to make it easier) If you go to your blogger main page where the blogs you read are displayed all you have to do is click 'add' (it's above your reading list) and then past the URL of whichever blog you want to follow. It changed my world because this is how I keep up with most of the blogs I follow!

    I'm with you on twitter... I just signed up about 6 months ago and I still get confused at times re:twitter lingo! ha ha I feel so old...

    1. Hi Tawnya! Thank you so much for the sweet comments and for being my newest follower. Thank you so much for the tip, you have changed my blogging life! You learn something new everyday and believe me learning how to follow blogs without a GFC is big!! Thank you again. Have a great day.


  3. I want a GFC on my new blog but I can't seem to figure it out! I've looked through the widgets and I think Google may have disabled it? If you know how, please let me know! I still haven't jointed Twitter or Instagram...lame! Haha! I'm stopping by from Mingle Monday. You can find me at www.rachelsblogdotcom.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Rachel! You can add a GFC to your blog by going to templates > add a gadget > when the add a gadget window opens go to more gadgets > once on that page scroll down all the way to the bottom > Followers! I joined twitter because I wanted to see what it was all about and I just love instagram! I'll be sure to check your blog! Thanks for stopping by!



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