Jun 17, 2014

favorite photography apps for iphone

If you opened my iphone to check my current photography apps.. 
these would be the apps you'll find that i'm currently obsessed with!

I'm that kind of person that likes sticking to one or two maybe even three photography apps at a time. I'll use them for a couple of months and then I'll go on the hunt for new ones, unless I love them too much and can't let go of them. 

one. Rookie
I recently discovered Rookie, I'm obsessed! If you are like me and like to add a little extra enhancement to your photos, then you'll love this app too. This app has everything I need to edit photos and it's free
Here is why I'm so over the moon with this app:
-over 100 fonts (didn't exactly count them)
- cute stickers and frames
-filters (more than instagram)
-wide range of colors for fonts and frames
-includes crop, rotate, vibrance, sharpen and all that good stuff 
-you can export to instagram, twitter, facebook, tumbler, flickr, 
and save to your camera roll
-This app is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

Like any other app, this app also includes stickers, fonts, and filters that are available to purchase. And yes, I went ahead and bought them, because for 4.99, I thought it was well worth it! Below are some photos I thought I would play with. 

two. Diptic
This app is an old favorite. I have tried similar apps and I end up coming back to this one. It's simple and includes a wide range of frames.
Here is why I like this app:
-includes a wide range of frames from classic, fancy shapes, fresh shapes to jumbo frames
-border size, color, texture, & canvas
-text color, style, & font
-you can export to popular social media, email, save to camera roll, and make it into a postcard
-This app is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

three. Vidstich & PicPlayPost
These two apps are very similar. I have been trying both now for a few months, and I always go back to Vidstich. I think I end up going back to this one simply because of it's looks. I like clean cut apps and Vidstich satisfies my likes. Looks like PicPlayPost will be deleted very soon from my phone.
-Vidstich is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

four. Perfect365
I like this app, but I hardly ever use it. I think it's just there for when I might need it. I like all the features it provides and I think my favorite is editing the dark circles and softening skin. A plus is that you can choose the intensity of the makeup applied.
-This app is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

five. InstaShape
This was a good app, before I discovered Rookie. This is a good app if all you want is a quick shaped frame. The choices for this app are very limited, it includes shapes and forground color and then you are ready to export. The social medias to export to are also very limited. I think this another app that will be deleted from my phone very soon :(
-This app is available on the iTunes store.

Photos edited with Rookie :)

These are my current favorites and not so favorite photography apps. I would love to know what your favorite photography apps are and if you have any that you think I would love, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day :)

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