Jun 19, 2014

Favorite Hobby

If i'm not spending time with the Mr. or the little furry child then I'm doing my second favorite thing and that is Paper Crafting! This is my all time favorite hobby and I can literally spend hours creating some sort of greeting card. Now here is me being negative :/ because I live in a small apartment, and space is limited, I get so lazy to actually take everything out and lay it out on my kitchen table. I can't wait to move to a bigger place and have my own craft room (extremely important). Sometimes i'm so caught up doing other things that I leave my favorite hobby on the back burner, in other words, I sometimes don't have the time. Let me stop being negative and move on to more positive thoughts! 

These cards were all inspired by other wonderful creations I found on Pinterest. I like taking other ideas and making them my own, that way I'm not completely copying. Sometimes I get super creative and make my own designs too! I love this hobby, but like I said my space is very limited, and I would love to have every paper crafting gadget out there but it's not possible. Sometimes I have to be very creative and come up with ways to, for example, make these feathers. I literally drew them (freehand) and colored them with these colored pencils, which by the way they work great! I'm not an expert paper crafter by any means, but the time I spend creating takes me to a holy place, it's my time to relax and not think of anything else.

What is your favorite hobby? 
If you share this great hobby of mine I would love to know and see some of your creations, just let me know in a comment down below!

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Have a great day!


  1. Your cards are beautiful! I wish I was that creative with paper crafts.

  2. These cards are super cute! I don't know why I never thought to try making my own cards... might have to it with my thank you cards for my baby shower. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I'm glad you found some inspiration here! I think it would be great to make your own thank you cards, so much more meaningful!


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