Jun 30, 2014

Weekend Recap 6/30

{image via pinterest}

Weekend Recap

1. On Sunday I sat on the edge of my couch, biting my nails, while I watched Mexico vs. Netherlands play. All I have to say is that Mexico left their heart on that field, but sadly they're going back home. 

2. Can I say that I finally jumped on the twitter bandwagon. How long has twitter been around..mmm yeah. I still love instagram! 

3. I have discovered Rookie & Moldiv apps for iphone, and I'm obsessed, I even wrote a whole blog post on that! If you missed it check it out here! I want to add frames and fonts to all my pictures.

4. I have discovered so many new bloggers and link ups! Here are some of my new reads 
Whispering Sweet Nothings >inspirational and unafraid to speak her mind <
Treasure Tromp >Lifestyle and host of Treat Yo' Self Thursday<
The Real Housewife of Greenville >Lifestyle<
Homegrown State of Mind >Lifestyle and Paleo Foodie Lover<
Keep Calm & Carry On >Lifestyle a little bit of everything<

5. I spent Sunday pinning away. Lately I have been really into white kitchens. I love white spaces. white kitchens and big bright spaces. The kitchen above is exactly what I absolutely love! Can you add kitchens to you bucket list, because i'm adding this kitchen to mine :) 

1 Wish
I wish every blog had a GFC displayed somewhere. I would love to see everyone's posts in my blogger feed. 

Random Facts About Me
- I'm not a big soccer lover but LOVE the WORLD CUP :) #worldcupfever
- I like using a mouse&pad when using my laptop & My mouse pad has Riley all over!
- I'm really trying to figure out how to use my camera's manual settings.

Joining these linky parties today!

Mingle 240  
Hope you had an awesome weekend
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Jun 29, 2014

DIY 4th of July Tassels

Here is a fun DIY craft.
I have seen these all over and wanted to try and make some of my own.
I found this awesome tutorial, she explains every step plus they are super cute landeelu.
I worked with everything I had, so I didn't have to go out and buy anything (makes me happy)
I even added some glitter, it's 4th of July, everything is better with glitter!

Here is a little behind the scenes.
Just to show you how I make it work in my little apartment. 
I love this table (made by my dad), it's so sturdy and great for all my DIY projects and paper crafts. As you can see I set the table by the window and sit comfortably on the couch. Please excuse the furry child proof gate. 
As you can see nothing fancy but I make it work.
I present to you my little gallery space, it's a tiny place reserved for all our pictures and 4th of July tassels :)

Thanks for stopping by & Happy crafting!

Simple things Sunday: Sunday's Letters

{taken with iphone}

Dear Summer you bring joy because it means time to spend more time with family, hubby, furry child and crafting a little more. 

Dear Saguaros your beauty brings happiness to my eyes. I love the splendor of your thick skin but the vulnerability of you inner body. You remind me that one is beautiful inside and out. 

Dear Blog I have given you new lights to shine bright. I will take care of you and hold you tight even when blogger's block strikes.

Dear Riley you bring joy and happiness to my life. I love the little things you do, like when your little legs push with all their might, yet they are not strong enough to push my body off the bed.

Dear June you finally brought those three digit temperatures, but it's okay you are also bringing those amazing thunderstorms, and I can't wait.

Dear Friends thank you for all the amazing support through my blogging journey. You make it sharing my thoughts well worth it.

Inspiration for Sunday's Letters came from Meg Rivers and Roads

Final thought
I will attempt, I should probably say that will be choosing happiness and will be joining the #100happydays of happiness. I have been inspired by the wonderful Tara from A Brew of Blessings so if you want more information hop on over to her blog. Or you can also take a look at the official website #100happydays.

Why would I do that?
People successfully completing the challenge claim to:
- Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
- Be in a better mood every day;
- Start receiving more compliments from people;
- Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
- Become more optimistic;
- Fall in love during the challenge.

I begin this #100happydays today want to join the challenge?
If you like you can also follow me on  instagram: @ajoyfulkindoflife & twitter@ajoyfulblog

Happy Sunday!

Jun 28, 2014

Need A Blogging Routine

Are you a routine kind of person or do you just simply go with the flow?

I previously had a talk all about how to overcome blogger's block and came to the realization that I need structure and routine when it comes to writing. I need to follow a prompt to get my juices flowing. 

My brain is so trained to skim through everything which means that I just love reading blog posts that include lists, bullet points, bold words, and PICTURES! and ocassionally the super long ones. To give this blog a little bit of structure (sometimes going with the flow is also okay) I will try to stick to the following list:

Monday Weekend Recap
A fun way to recap what I did on the weekend.

Wednesday  Random Thoughts 
Random thoughts will be posted, occasionally I'll post on Tues. & Thurs.

Friday Five on Friday or High Five for Friday
I will follow these link ups and write my daily five thoughts.

Sunday Simple things Sunday
Occasionally I'll join this link up and share simple things such as photos, letters & inspirations.

So here it is, this will definitely give me a routine and I just hope I can follow through. And hopefully give you all,  my lovely readers, a list of what to expect!
And hope you enjoyed a little dose of Riley today.. he loves routines!

Please give me some ideas.
I would love to know what works for you? How do you come about your posts? 

Thanks for reading
Have a great Saturday!

Jun 27, 2014

High Five for Friday: Recent Beauty Favorites

one/ Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation
two/ Urban decay Naked 3
three/ NARS eyeshadow primer
  four/ Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional
  five/ Beautyblender
  six/ NYX Extra creamy round lipstick
  seven/ Instant age rewind eraser dark circles concealer
  eight/ CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish (In Ever Reddy 175)

One: This is the latest foundation I have tried and it's okay. This is my first time using any of the tarte cosmetics and so far I'm not over the moon with this product. This product claims to last 12-hours, but I beg to differ. I have combination skin and I find that 4-6 hours after wearing it, it begins to look blotchy. This is one of those products that I bought, tried and would not re-purchase simply because I find that there are better drugstore foundations out there (budget friendly), for example, like my Revlon Colorstay!

Two: The much awaited Naked 3 palette. This is the first eye shadow palette from this collection that I've owned, and I absolutely love it. I think it looks great on any skin tone and it has great pigmentation. I use this thing almost everyday!

Three: Super Favorite This NARS eyeshadow primer is awesome! I love, love this (can you tell I absolutely love this thing). Here is my deal, I have super greasy eyelids ( I know gross) but it's reality for me. Anyhow this primer works wonders. It goes on very smoothly and it will last all day, seriously my eye shadow looks intact (no crease lines). I have nothing bad to say and if you tend to have greasy eyelids, like myself, then I would definitely recommend this primer >> well worth the splurge!

Four: Here is another beauty splurge. This product claims to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and helps makeup stay put. I would agree, it minimizes my pores and leaves a smooth canvas for my foundation. I only use this under my makeup, I have yet to try it throughout the day to mattify shine.

Five: This is another great splurge. I know there are dupes out there for this product, but I went straight for the original beautyblender. I just have to say, I love this too! It really leaves my skin looking flawless and looking airbrushed. I would love to try the dupes and see if I can tell the difference, but until then, I'll keep loving this product.

Six: This is a budget friendly lipstick. I love how creamy it is and the color pigmentation is great (a plus for drugstore lipsticks). Even thought this is a creamy lipstick, I still like to apply my favorite lip moisturizer, the Vaseline lip moisturizer.

Seven: This is another drugstore favorite. It works great in covering my dark circles (most of the time). The only negative about this product is the sponge applicator, I don't like this because it''s hard to keep it 100% sanitized. 

Eight: These are my favorite drugstore nail polishes. They are long lasting, even after washing dishes and all, they last longer than average. This is my favorite color as of right now. It looks dark red but it actually has an orange tint, which is great for the summer (it doesn't look like a winter red).

These are my current beauty favorites but please excuse my mini-reviews, see I'm not the best at this. 
So if you made it this far, thanks for reading :)

I would love to know if any of these products are your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Jun 26, 2014

How I overcame blogger's block

Do you ever feel like the little things that inspire us get lost sometimes. This is how I felt about my blog, my little writing, creative, inspiring space. I felt my inspiration being lost somewhere in an unknown place, and I needed to, desperately, find that place and brighten it a little. See I had a couple of things going on that were not helping at all. 

Writer's Block
- I had the external block-when real life intrudes
- I had the internal block - when "I can't" gets in the way
- I had the writing itself - I can write but feeling like everything you write is not good enough.

Nothing was happening. Not one sentence felt right. I wanted to get it over with quickly, but feeling stuck. I felt like there was a thick brick wall between my brain and the page :/ Sometimes it felt like I was fumbling around in a foggy haze and I couldn't seem to find words - or words couldn't find me.

Boring Blog Design
Then there was my blog, every time I refreshed my page and looked at it, I wasn't excited to see it. I had the same design for a long time and it worked for the time being, but it wasn't working anymore. 

Cluttered Space
I'm a big fan of white spaces and clean spaces. And even though my old blog had plenty of white spaces, it felt cluttered. 

Feeling overwhelmed
With life, school, marriage and being a furry child mamma, and on top of all that wanting to create every DIY project, write on a daily basis, and trying to take pictures of everything to put it on my blog was very overwhelming. I eventually set this blog aside and forgot about it. 

How I overcame the bumps on the road
Reflect: I did a lot of that. 
I first had to think about who I was writing for, why was I doing this, what was my goal in having this blog. After thinking and reflecting on these three questions, I can say I found answers. 

-Writing for me, I needed to write for myself and then other readers.
-I started a blog because (I found this answer within my blog, in the about me section) "I wanted a space to reflect and share my thoughts and finally decided to start my own blog and share a little bit of my everyday life."
-My goals, to share a little bit of my life.

Note to self: 
- Do it for you, Do it for fun! all the pageviews are a big plus.
- You are doing this to share with all the lovely friends and family who take the time to come to your blog. 
- You blog because you want people to hear you, you want them to want to hear you.
- Be you when you write, you don't have to be the best writer.
- You don't have to stress over writing everyday, but rather when ever you find inspiration.
- This is your blog, your space > be unique in your own way > be HAPPY :)

"You don't always need a plan.
Sometimes you just need to breath, 
trust, let go and see what happens."
-Mandy Hale

Finally, I decided for new beginnings and that means a new, fresh and clean blog space. This new space finally reflects who I am and I love that. This space is even more meaningful because I designed and created all of it, all by myself (and the help of great tutorials). What do you think of this new space, I would love to know your thoughts!

Cheers to new and inspiring beginnings!
Thank you all for being such great and inspiring readers & followers

oh. and before I let you go..
I have jumped on the twitter bandwagon..what!!!
Yes finally, better late than never right.
So if you want we can follow each other
(my blog's full name wasn't available)

@ joyfulblog

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Jun 23, 2014

On Fridays we take Selfies

 It just so happened that this past Friday I was feeling the #selfies!If you follow me on instagram, then you probably already saw how I flooded the instafeed. I might be exaggerating when I say I flooded instafeed, but that's what it felt like. I'm not a selfie kind of person at all, so I really don't know what got into me on Friday, but it's okay a #selfie here and there never hurt anyone right? 

Ok so we really don't take #selfies on Fridays!

I really think selfies need to be mastered and boy do I see really awesome selfies on instagram. But when it's my turn to turn the camera on to me and pretend to look cool taking a selfie, well my friends, that is something I definitely have not mastered yet! Much respect for all those #selfie takers out there!

This was me on Friday 
"cute selfie" 
"it's the weekend selfie"
"it's Friday selfie"
"let's take a selfie Riley"

Me: "Marc let's take a selfie"
Marc: "It's not a selfie if we're both in the picture"
Me: "okay, let's take a group selfie"
Guys, I'm learning this thing called #selfie it takes practice
Don't judge :)

Like I said, much respect for all those selfie takers out there, but I couldn't help this #ecard and a hashtag here and there. Because this wouldn't be a selfie post if it didn't include hashtags!
And excuse the #selfie parade going on here on this blog today.. have a great day!

And before I let you go.. I would love to be your newest follower on instagram and stalk your #selfies (kidding) but if you want leave your user name in the comment section and if you really want you can follow me too :)

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Jun 22, 2014

Simple Things Sunday:
Important in my Life

Happy Sunday to all!
My life wouldn't be complete without the important people in my life.

This is true about my little family, Marc my husband and Riley our furry child, I love these two to pieces. I remember my parents always saying, "when you choose that person you want to spend the rest of you life with.. be ready to make them your number one priority." That saying always stuck to me and I never understood how parents and siblings would't be more important than a partner, but I do now. I definitely see how a partner becomes a priority. How could they not, you spend countless hours with them, sleep together, eat together, share so many memories together, they become your lifelong partner. I think this is a big secret, or not so much a secret, to keep a marriage strong and full of love. Don't get me wrong the rest of my family is extremely important, but Marc owns that priority spot in my life. I hold a special place for each and every family member in my heart including god and my little furry child, Riley. When the little ones (human little ones) actually make it, how will things change? 
For now i'll stick to the Mr. and the furry child :)

Just a side note, this is one of my favorite pictures of us!One of our family traditions is to take holiday pictures every year. I love outdoor portraits and here in Arizona we have incredible backdrops. This picture was taken in December out in the middle of the Sonoran Desert with the beautiful saguaros and a stunning sunset. I can't wait to start looking for our next spot for this year's holiday pictures. 

Thanks for reading
Have a great Sunday :)

Jun 20, 2014

Five on Friday: Guilty Pleasures

Happy Friday!
I can't believe we made it to yet another Friday, time flies when you're having fun! I've actually been having a great time because for the first time in a very long time, I'm taking the summer off from school and work. As the Mr. would say, It must be nice :) I really appreciate all his hard work but I needed this break! Since I've had the opportunity to stay home I have discovered some guilty pleasures, so without further do here we go!

Crafts. Crafts can be considered a guilty pleasure of mine. Guilty pleasure in the sense that I can spend countless hours crafting and during that time I won't answer the phone, talk to Marc, and even pay attention to Riley. It's okay because this is a pleasure I give myself once in a while! I have recently discovered A Night Owl Blog  and she has great craft ideas plus anything lifestyle related (and she is from Arizona). I love this blog it has become one of my daily reads for sure. Here is one of their awesome 4th of July inspired creations!

Oh these skinny cow ice cream sandwiches really had me drooling (well not literally but almost). As you can see Riley join my party and ate away at that skinny cow! This is how I eat them, I eat all the edges first and then I go in for all the middle goodness. Then Riley licks my fingers, yup and that's how we both enjoy a good old ice cream sandwich. Best part of all these are only 150 calories per sandwich!

Carne Asada Fries are another guilty pleasure of mine and my husbands. I crave these all the time, they are just so good but so bad. If I could have these everyday I would but I have to limit myself to only one every two months or so :/ There is a place down the street (not the best idea) from my place that sells the best carne asada fries and I'm always so tempted to stop for some fries, but NO, no bueno! We actually had these this week and as you can see there is no photo to show you what I'm talking about because the last thing on my mind was to eat them and not take a picture of them, that's how delicious they tasted. Let me know what you think of these!

Pillows. These are a secret guilty pleasure of mine. I love looking at pillows and my favorite stores to do so are Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Pier 1 Imports just to name a few. I love all the designs, colors, and just everything about them. I also like making my own pillows, but lately, that hasn't happened. I'll just stick to looking at them and getting ideas for when I decide to make my own! Aren't these pillows just the best, I need to get me some of these!

I had to mention Orange is the new Black. This is one of those shows that makes me want to watch it all in one day but I can't, so instead it has become my guilty pleasure for sure. The Mr. and I are really holding back from watching the whole second season in one sitting. We (hubby and I) really enjoy all the drama and the stories behind each inmate, crazy stuff! 

Via: google

What are your guilty pleasures?

Thanks for stopping by :)


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Jun 19, 2014

Favorite Hobby

If i'm not spending time with the Mr. or the little furry child then I'm doing my second favorite thing and that is Paper Crafting! This is my all time favorite hobby and I can literally spend hours creating some sort of greeting card. Now here is me being negative :/ because I live in a small apartment, and space is limited, I get so lazy to actually take everything out and lay it out on my kitchen table. I can't wait to move to a bigger place and have my own craft room (extremely important). Sometimes i'm so caught up doing other things that I leave my favorite hobby on the back burner, in other words, I sometimes don't have the time. Let me stop being negative and move on to more positive thoughts! 

These cards were all inspired by other wonderful creations I found on Pinterest. I like taking other ideas and making them my own, that way I'm not completely copying. Sometimes I get super creative and make my own designs too! I love this hobby, but like I said my space is very limited, and I would love to have every paper crafting gadget out there but it's not possible. Sometimes I have to be very creative and come up with ways to, for example, make these feathers. I literally drew them (freehand) and colored them with these colored pencils, which by the way they work great! I'm not an expert paper crafter by any means, but the time I spend creating takes me to a holy place, it's my time to relax and not think of anything else.

What is your favorite hobby? 
If you share this great hobby of mine I would love to know and see some of your creations, just let me know in a comment down below!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Have a great day!

Jun 17, 2014

favorite photography apps for iphone

If you opened my iphone to check my current photography apps.. 
these would be the apps you'll find that i'm currently obsessed with!

I'm that kind of person that likes sticking to one or two maybe even three photography apps at a time. I'll use them for a couple of months and then I'll go on the hunt for new ones, unless I love them too much and can't let go of them. 

one. Rookie
I recently discovered Rookie, I'm obsessed! If you are like me and like to add a little extra enhancement to your photos, then you'll love this app too. This app has everything I need to edit photos and it's free
Here is why I'm so over the moon with this app:
-over 100 fonts (didn't exactly count them)
- cute stickers and frames
-filters (more than instagram)
-wide range of colors for fonts and frames
-includes crop, rotate, vibrance, sharpen and all that good stuff 
-you can export to instagram, twitter, facebook, tumbler, flickr, 
and save to your camera roll
-This app is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

Like any other app, this app also includes stickers, fonts, and filters that are available to purchase. And yes, I went ahead and bought them, because for 4.99, I thought it was well worth it! Below are some photos I thought I would play with. 

two. Diptic
This app is an old favorite. I have tried similar apps and I end up coming back to this one. It's simple and includes a wide range of frames.
Here is why I like this app:
-includes a wide range of frames from classic, fancy shapes, fresh shapes to jumbo frames
-border size, color, texture, & canvas
-text color, style, & font
-you can export to popular social media, email, save to camera roll, and make it into a postcard
-This app is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

three. Vidstich & PicPlayPost
These two apps are very similar. I have been trying both now for a few months, and I always go back to Vidstich. I think I end up going back to this one simply because of it's looks. I like clean cut apps and Vidstich satisfies my likes. Looks like PicPlayPost will be deleted very soon from my phone.
-Vidstich is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

four. Perfect365
I like this app, but I hardly ever use it. I think it's just there for when I might need it. I like all the features it provides and I think my favorite is editing the dark circles and softening skin. A plus is that you can choose the intensity of the makeup applied.
-This app is available for both the iTunes store and Android apps!

five. InstaShape
This was a good app, before I discovered Rookie. This is a good app if all you want is a quick shaped frame. The choices for this app are very limited, it includes shapes and forground color and then you are ready to export. The social medias to export to are also very limited. I think this another app that will be deleted from my phone very soon :(
-This app is available on the iTunes store.

Photos edited with Rookie :)

These are my current favorites and not so favorite photography apps. I would love to know what your favorite photography apps are and if you have any that you think I would love, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day :)

Jun 15, 2014

Simple Things Sunday:
Happy Father's Day

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day!

Today is all about those men who have given everything to make us the best humans possible!
My dad is that kind of man, a man who has given everything to make me the best person I can be. He is an example of many trials and many more triumphs! He is an example of reaching his goals no matter the bumps on the road. He is an example of a hardworking man. He is an example of being an extraordinary person, father, husband, brother and friend. He is my example and my favorite hero :) Today and everyday I want to thank him for everything plus more. "Because it's Father's Day everyday"

I had the joy and opportunity to spend Father's Day a little early this year. I was able to head back home and spend quality time with my family. Aside from all the presents and food and all that good stuff, the time spent with my dad and family, was my all time favorite!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful Father's Day! 
"There is no greater love than the love of a parent"

Thanks for stopping by :)

Jun 13, 2014

Five on Friday: Everyday Favorites

Happy Friday!
I have spent the last week in California with my awesome family and it has been so refreshing and so relaxing. I had the opportunity to spend quality time with all my family but especially with my dad. This quality time spent with my dad was more meaningful than any present or card that I could possibly give him for Father's Day. My time to end this staycation and head back home is coming soon, so in the mean time here are some of my everyday favorites!


Fourth of July is right around the corner and I love seeing all the red, blue and white colors displayed on patios, at stores, and all over the magical world of the internet. I came across this lovely DIY project and I just fell in love with the weathered look. If I could decorate my entire living space with weathered, vintage, aged and everything in that category, I most definitely would, but my husband would pretend to actually like it and that's just no bueno. The Mr. has a say too!

Via: lollyjane

When it comes to jeans, for some odd reason, I like to cuff them. Cuffing my jeans just makes me feel extra comfortable. Being on the short side is not easy because I run into trouble trying to find short (length) and actually cute jeans. So instead of getting frustrated and walking out of the store, I opt to be brave and walk over to the cute and tall jeans. Long story short my jeans are almost always tall and as they wait to be hemmed, they get cuffed instead! I love how Lilly over at Lilly-Style has paired wedged sandals (now on my wishlist) with cuffed jeans. I just love the overall look topping it off with a pop of red.

Another of my all time favorites is a Tequila Sunrise drink. I love the sunrise colors and the tequila (not the cheap-o stuff though, it makes a difference). If you ever see or hear me asking for a drink, 98 percent of the time, it will always be can I have a tequila sunrise. Anyhow, I came across these tropical tequila sunrise popsicles and I was ecstatic. Yes, it sounds a little extreme, but can you believe having your favorite drink in a popsicle! I can't wait to actually try making these popsicles.

This is not my everyday favorite, but it will be for the next month or so! I am not a soccer fanatic or even sit and watch soccer games throughout the season, nor do I have an absolute favorite team. So you might be asking why is the world cup a favorite, well I love the excitement and all the buzz, and watching all the re-plays and also hearing about all the awesome players. I get excited to see the best of the best fight to be the world cup champions. Aside from all the excitement and buzz, I love getting to know all about the hosting country, even if it's just by television :) Although I said I don't have a favorite team, I'll still be cheering on Brasil, Spain, USA and Mexico!! Who are you cheering for??

Via: Google

Finally, my all time favorite are these two girls and our everlasting sisterhood! Here you will find me to the left, and not holding a tequila sunrise, remember I said 98 percent of the time! The middle is where you will find my beautiful sister, who tends to get asked if she is my twin :) Well she is not my twin but I wish she was! To the right you will find our best friend, both our bff. She is always there for us as we are always there for her. I love these girls to the moon and back infinity times one-million!

This is my first time writing this type of post and I actually really enjoyed writing it! I love reading these on
other lovely blogs and I figured I would also give it a try so here it is. Have a great Friday and rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by and reading some of my everyday favorites!

I have linked up with Five on Friday, thanks to all the lovely ladies who host this link party:)