Feb 28, 2013

The A to Z About Me

Here is a fun tag that I thought would be fun to share and you guys can get to know me just a little more :))

A. Age:27

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore that you hate: Washing Dishes and even loading them into the dishwasher.. but it has to be done :(

D. Dogs: Riley our little spoiled Chihuahua!

E. Essential start to your day: Waking up next to the men in my life; the incredible hubby and the little one.

F. Favorite color: Blue

G. Gold or Silver: Silver and White Gold is even better! Sometimes Gold!

H. Height: Five feet’ three inches” .. on the short side.

I. Ideal hobby/office space: A must is to have plenty of natural light and a handcrafted barn wood somewhere in the room, and of course all the crafting essentials!

J. Job title: Teacher to adorable little toddlers.

K. Kids: No kids yet, but Riley is our four legged furry child!

L. Live: In the Sonoran Desert, the surrounding Phoenix area.

M. Month you were born: March my birthstone is an aquamarine and my zodiac sign is Aries.

N. Name a place you want to visit: Europe

O. Occasions that made you the happiest: Wedding Day & Riley’s adoption day

P. Pet peeves: Leaving the toilet roll dispenser empty.. Not replacing the toilet paper!

Q. Quote from a movie: “I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. ”  -Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
I am a hopeless romantic <3

R.Right or left handed: right handed     

S. Siblings: Two siblings, younger sister and younger brother.

T. Travel in a car or by air: by air (very convenient) but by car I get too 
see everything on the way :)

U. University Logo: Sun Devil & Pitchfork

V. Vegetable you dislike: Asparagus & Mushrooms

W. What makes you run late: Not waking up & hitting the snooze button like ten times!

X. X-Rays you've had: None :)

Y. Yummy food that you make: Chile Poblano Rice Gratin.. check my recipe here!

Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes.. Like nothing I have ever seen!

I Tag all you fellow bloggers and friends to answer "The A to Z about me"
Leave a link to your blog below so I can check it out!
I would love to get to know you all a little better :)

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Feb 22, 2013

Winter Storm in the Desert

The Southwest Desert can be very unpredictable.
Just to show you how unpredictable our weather is,
Phoenix was hit with rain, wind, and hail.. yes hail that looked more like snow!
The most exciting part was being at work and having our students be part of Mother Nature :)
The children were so excited and so were we.
We paused music class to go out and take pictures and while out there we even gathered some hail
for show and tell :)

Here are a couple of pictures of this epic day
taken with my iPhone!

Our playground was covered in Hail and in a matter of minutes the sun came shining through and pretty much melted everything. After the storm we were able to witness this beautiful rainbow but here you can only see half of it, because it went from one end all the way to the other end!
I'm telling you this weather is totally unpredictable!
Hope you enjoyed mother nature at it's best!
Go ahead and share what kind of crazy weather you are experiencing where you live
I would love to read about it!

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Feb 18, 2013

Watercolor Greeting Cards

Lately the weather here in Sunny Phoenix has been more like spring almost summer,
well at-least that's the way it feels. I am not complaining, not at all, I love being able to wear spring/summer clothes!
This week the weather inspired me to add some color to my projects "watercolors."
As you all may know I work with young children and they use watercolors daily. I enjoy watching them color and looking at their artwork. They never think about what they will color they just color!
That's exactly what I wanted to do, just color, and that's what I did.
It was the perfect time to relax and unwind after a long week.

For this project I decided to make Thank You cards for family and friends
and there is nothing better than art and a handmade card to make someone's day special!


Stay Inspired
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Happy Monday :)

Feb 16, 2013

I have Joined The Vine Community..
Have You

Have you heard the buzz on the Vine app??

I have and it has slowly become one of my favorite apps for my iphone. but not before instagram :) 
What is the Vine app you might be asking or if you already have it then just go past this little summary!

Vine: Make 6 second videos and share them on Vine, Facebook and Twitter.
The fun part is that you choose what goes in the 6 second video..
Check it out.. It's definitely a fun app.
(this app is available for free on the apple app store)

Follow Me: Rosy Villa

I have posted a few videos so far..
here is one
If you are on Vine make sure to leave your user name down below in the comment section
and I'll be sure to follow..

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Feb 14, 2013

A Joyful Kind of Life Loves You!

All You Need is Love & Joy
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!
A Joyful Kind of Life sends you love.. and more love!!
Riley, Rosy and our blog!

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Feb 12, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Card

Here is a fun and easy last minute Valentine's Day project

The best part about Valentine's Day is receiving something special.
I know it's not all about what I got and what I didn't but it's always nice to receive a nice note, card, flower or candy. For this project I kept my children in mind, not so my own children but they are a big part of my life, I am talking about the children I work with; just in case you didn't know I work with young children.
So I decided to make them something small but definitely special.
I didn't want to just go out and buy valentine's day cards.
For the people that know me they know that  I would rather make a card than just go out and buy it.
I personally feel that anything made by my own hands is a whole lot more meaningful than something bought. 

Now lets get to the DIY Valentine's Day Card.
I kept simple and easy in mind and this is what I came up with.
Perfect for children, adults, and everyone in-between!

For this project I used my fancy tools: my Cricut and ATG tape glider
But you can definitely use any heart shape and any double sided tape or just glue.
I also used different color and pattern cardstock.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy Valentine's Day Card.
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Feb 11, 2013

Valentine's DIY Inspiration

Valentine's Day..

I just love everything about this holiday, well I consider it a holiday.
I Love all the love, hearts, colors, candy.. I love it all!

This year I had little time to prepare any DIY projects for my home, which makes me very sad :(
But no worries I can always go and see all the wonderful creations on the web, pinterest, and all the lovely blogs out there. They definitely inspire me to create something wonderful for next year.
For now take a look at all of these great DIY projects I absolutely adore!

Get Inspired
Happy Valentine's Day

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Feb 7, 2013

Wood Boxes Part II

These wood boxes have found a new home!
When I made these boxes I wanted one for the dining table and one for the coffee table
and that's exactly where they sit now.
I wanted to share how the large box looks on my dining table.
Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the small wood box sitting on the coffee table
because I have yet to find the final touches to make it look the way I want it to look.
For now I hope you enjoy my new wood box!

Want to see how I made these wood boxes here!

To cover the screw heads I went ahead and used upholstery nails (I found mine at Home Depot)
In order for the upholstery nails to fit I had to clip the tips of the nails (shown in the photo below)
and finally, I used hot glue to keep them in place.

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Feb 4, 2013

DIY Wood Boxes

This weekend was just beautiful and it was perfect for finishing up some of my projects. 
One of the projects I worked on were these adorable wood boxes.
As I was surfing the wonderful world of Pinterest I came across a blog and just fell in love with
all the lovely projects. Want to see what i'm talking about.. well then check the blog out here.
Now, I had pinned this project a while back and finally had the chance to get working on it.

And so my weekend went something like this..
Saturday the hubby and I took a drive over to Home Depot and purchased
the necessary materials needed. We definitely scored gold with the wood we found!
So you know, if you walk all the way to the back of the store, right by the wood department,
you can find all the wood scraps for 51cents! Well we found all the wood we needed for my project and all for less than five dollars.. now all I can say is that "it was our lucky day." All in all these wood boxes came out to be around ten dollars! 

Here is how I made them and on the  next post I will show you how they look in their new home "the dining table and coffee table"
Check HERE to see how they look! 

Materials Needed for making a 27 inch long wood box.
1:  2 by 4 stud
2: 1" by 5 1/2" white-wood boards
All three pieces of wood were cut 27 inches in length.
For the two side pieces I cut 2: 4" pieces from my stud. 

I also used Gorilla Wood Glue
and screws as-well-as some power tools.

For the wood stain I used Minwax wood finish.

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Happy Monday :)