Feb 7, 2013

Wood Boxes Part II

These wood boxes have found a new home!
When I made these boxes I wanted one for the dining table and one for the coffee table
and that's exactly where they sit now.
I wanted to share how the large box looks on my dining table.
Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the small wood box sitting on the coffee table
because I have yet to find the final touches to make it look the way I want it to look.
For now I hope you enjoy my new wood box!

Want to see how I made these wood boxes here!

To cover the screw heads I went ahead and used upholstery nails (I found mine at Home Depot)
In order for the upholstery nails to fit I had to clip the tips of the nails (shown in the photo below)
and finally, I used hot glue to keep them in place.

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  1. You made this box?! It is so lovely!! I love the studs, so cool!


  2. Hi Mia! Thanks for the lovely compliment. I definitely used my handy husband's hands to complete this project but most of it was done by me! I agree the studs are cool they complete the look! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a great idea! I'd spend a lot of money on that! Good going. Newest follower hi!

    1. Hi! For that same reason I decided to make them myself; i definitely didn't want to spend a lot of money on wooden boxes. Thanks for following this blog & look forward to checking your out!

  4. Seriously in LOVE with this. Such a cute idea!!!

    xoxo Jamie

  5. Beautiful! I love it!



    1. Hi & thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you loved these wood boxes!


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