Jan 28, 2013

Snowboarding Adventure

(photo via: iphone)

Bucket List
Snowboarding: Check!!

I can now check off snowboarding from my bucket list!
This was my first time snowboarding and well all I can say is that...
It's fun but not as easy as it looks.
Snowboarding is definitely something that takes practice and
not mastered the first time around!

I think the whole experience from putting on all the
layers of clothing to getting those boots on.. and getting on that snow 
and trying to figure out how to stand was definitely an exciting adventure.
Will I snowboard again?? Yes, I want to be able to get on that snow and not
spend most of the time falling on that hard snow in other words I want to master this sport!

After our snowboarding fun day, our adventure did not stop there..
Here is the story..
As we are heading back home, the guys in the front talking and my friend and I
in the back also talking, all of a sudden our friend, the driver, says, "the tires are losing pressure." 
We all looked at each other and long story short, one of the tires was
losing so much air that we literally could not keep driving.
We finally made it to the closest gas station and got some road side assistance; 
thank god for road side assistance!
Since we were going to be there for a while.. my friend Melanie and I decided that
the spot we were at was perfect for pictures.
So while the guys took care of the tire problem
We took care of taking pictures. To end our adventurous day we decided to drive back 
home and eat the best BBQ in town, "Bobby-Q," so if you are ever in the phoenix area I definitely 
recommend this bbq place!! 
And this was our day.. Definitely a fun day!!

Take a look at that BIG bolt!

And the damage it did after a few minutes.

Instagram Pictures of Our Snowboarding Adventure!

Jan 21, 2013

New Inspiring Working Space

One of my new year's resolution was to give my desk/craft area a little love.
I needed some kind of inspiration; the kind of inspiration that gets me inspired to start creating.
As you can see my space is very limited and when I have limited space 
plus clutter and a big mess..
well that just means that the space is way far from being inspiring.  

Simple art, shelves, and frames can really make a difference..
and here is what I did to redo my space and make it
nice, clean, and most important "inspiring."

But.. first I will show you my not so inspiring space..

And now let me show you my new space..
By the way.. I still need a picture for the frame on the shelve.

My favorite DIY project for my new space was definitely this message board.
I love how those little clothespins look :))

Thanks for visiting!!
Stay inspired :))

Jan 6, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Welcome 2013!
I am excited for the new year.
I look forward to everything that is in store for my family and I.
Aside from wanting to loose some weight, get fit, and eat healthier..
I want to make more memories with my husband and our little four legged boy :)
My bucket list is definitely full and my goal is to accomplish half the list.

Cheers to a great year full of love, new beginnings, and everlasting memories!!