Dec 7, 2012

Embossed Paper Crafting

Embossing can make any paper craft look stunning!
This technique is great for any kind of greeting card or paper craft.

What I love about embossing
I love how an ordinary stamp can turn into something "magical"
I love how embossing is like adding a 3D embellishment to your project
I love all the different embossing powders and the amazing colors & textures
I love how fast and easy this technique is
I love pretty much everything about this technique..

I definitely recommend trying it.. if you haven't already!!

So what exactly is heat embossing??
Here is a great site where they explain the embossing technique in detail
Embossing Via: Oh So Beautiful paper

I didn't want my holiday greeting card envelopes to be so plain so..
I took my embossing tools out and made something magical 
or at least that's how I would describe it :)

Here is what you need

Heat Embossing Tool
Embossing ink
Embossing powder
Envelope, Paper or anything you want to emboss

{embossing powder I used)

Here is what you do

First apply ink all over stamp

Stamp on desired paper & Apply embossing powder

Gently tap the excess off the paper.
Any specs of powder on the card,
 remove them very carefully with a small paint brush.

Using an embossing heat tool, set the powder by heating it 
(not too close or you’ll burn the paper) until the powder has solidified. 
You will want to do a small area at a time to ensure proper solidification.

Final Results using other colors

Happy Embossing!!


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