Dec 5, 2012

DIY Holiday Ornaments

This year I wanted to create something fun and personal!!
I found small foam balls at Dollar Tree and I thought it would be fun to
create an ornament branch tree..

So I did.
I found an awesome branch 
then I spray painted the branch a gold color.
I wanted to incorporate my favorite crafting techniques..
and let me tell you my favorite right now is heat embossing!
I find myself wanting to emboss everything I see.

Here is what I made using foam balls, heat embossing, 
vellum paper, yes vellum. This project is my favorite, the ornament 
is so pretty and very personalized, perfect for a gift this holiday season!

Here are my fun DIY holiday ornaments

Embossed Ornament

Material Needed
Embossing heat tool (here is one like mine)
Clear embossing ink (purchased at Michaels)
Embossing powder (any color you desire)
Foam balls (purchased at Dollar Tree)


Apply embossing ink on the foam ball

Step 2:
After applying embossing ink apply embossing powder

Step 3:
Use the heat tool to emboss the powder

A quick tip: Avoid overheating the powder and burning 
the foam balls when working with a heat tool.

After you are done embossing the heat will create a fun texture.

Bead Ornament

Materials Needed
Foam Ball
Glass beads
Tacky glue
skewer or toothpick (optional) 


Step 1
This step is optional: using a skewer or toothpick hold the foam ball

Step 2
Using a brush apply tacky glue all over the foam ball

Step 3
With your finger apply the beads (this way they stick better)

Allow time to dry

Gold Leaf inspired Ornament

Materials Needed

Spray Paint

foam ball 

skewer or toothpick (optional)


Step 1
Using a skewer or toothpick hold the foam ball 

Step 2
Spray paint the foam ball
Quick Tip: Spray paint evenly and stand about 
6 inches back to avoid the foam ball from melting

Allow time to dry

Vellum Photo Ornament

Clear Ornament
beads or anything you would like inside as decoration
vellum paper


Step 1
Fill ornament with beads or anything you would like

Step 2
Print picture on vellum paper

Step 3
Roll vellum and insert into the ornament
Quick tip: use tweezers to straighten the vellum

I hope you find these fun and easy..

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