Dec 10, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Ever since we became our own little family, about three years ago,
we go on a hunt for our Christmas tree and ornaments!

We love real Christmas trees; it makes Christmas that much better.
We love the smell, the way it looks, we love everything about it :)

Ornaments are extra special for us because we have made 
picking ornaments a yearly tradition!

This is how our tradition goes..
We started our tradition last year and this is our second year.
We go to Pier1 Imports and pick out three ornaments

One for me
One for the Marc
One for Riley

Our goal is to have a Christmas tree filled with big beautiful ornaments 
in the near future. This is great for us because it doesn't brake the bank 
and we make it exciting to go to Pier1 Imports  to pick out 
Christmas ornaments once a year!

In our opinion, they have the best ornaments and they are extremely gorgeous!
They have a great selection!

These are just some of the ornaments I fell in love with.
I wish I could have bought all of them.. but I had to stick to our tradition :)

These are the three we chose!



These are the three from last year!

Our Christmas tree hunt..
We purchased ours at Home Depot

Here is our bare Christmas tree..

Here is our 2012 decorated Christmas Tree :)

What are your Christmas traditions?

Want to see how I made the tree topper?
Come back soon so you can see my new DIY project!

Thanks For Visiting :)


  1. I love the sweet little green and red ornaments. And that snowman ornament HAS to be my fav. Good job :)!!


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