Nov 26, 2012

A week of Instalove

Where have I been??
You may be asking..
Well my husband, Riley and I traveled back home to California
to spend Thanksgiving with our family :))

We actually stayed in California for about a week.. 
it was just awesome!!
It's always fun to spend time with family!

We also took our holiday pictures last week
and they came out awesome..
I'll be showing those later.

Now we are back home in Arizona 
and it's time to go back to  
work, school, and work on some DIY projects :))
Until then here are some Instagram pictures of my week!


 Here is a sneak peek at the location 
of our holiday photo shoot

While in California we went riding on 
quads and a Rhino.. so much fun

We even attended our cousin's wedding
Me and my love 

Me and my Mom

Thanksgiving was great..
I am definitely thankful for being able to spend time with family!

Thanks for Visiting :)

Nov 9, 2012

Pawalla Box is Here!

We finally received Riley's
Pawalla is a Monthly delivery of six or more goodies:
"Best Of"
All-Natural Wet Foods
Delicious Treats
Healthy Supplements
Essentials and Toys

We have all been anticipating the arrival of Pawalla..
We have been getting Riley excited every day and it finally arrived :)

It was super exciting not just for us but Riley kept wagging his tail the whole time..
It was just so adorable.

All I have to say is that we were very pleased with everything
that came in the box and I don't even have to mention
how pleased Riley was.. 
He stayed up for hours chewing his all-natural Buffalo Stick!!

Here is what we got..

Halo Spot's Choice, Chicken and Chickpea
Halo Spot's Choice, Turkey and Chickpea
Papa Bow Wow Buffalo Bully Stick 
(made with only one ingredient)
Complete natural nutrition- Pill buddy natural, Chicken
by Nature Mixed Berry flavor biscuits
Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover
PETLOU'S cute friends
PETLOU'S assorted sports balls

This is what he wanted.. 
and probably smelled even before we opened the box

 Riley exhausted after chewing his stick for hours...

Happy Friday 
Thanks For Visiting :))

Nov 6, 2012

Red Rock Country

also known as
Red Rock Country..
Breathtaking all around.. just amazing natural beauty :)

My family and I had the opportunity to drive to Sedona this past weekend.
I had heard amazing things about this charming little town..
But I never imagined how beautiful this town really was..

It's just amazing to see the vibrant beautiful colors on those mountains..
Every way we turned were nothing but stunning views. 

We also had the opportunity to visit a unique part of Sedona 
"Tlaquepaque" an arts & craft village.
This beautiful little village was inspired by the beautiful picturesque 
town of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco in Mexico.

While we visited Tlaquepaque 
We had the chance to see the 
" Dia de los muertos or Day of the dead" 
celebrations; it was beautiful.

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to Sedona
I hope you admire the beauty just like we did!!

Red Rock Country

Tlaquepaque, Sedona

This was in honor of our family dog "Bingo" who passed 
away last year after 18 great years :)

I hope you enjoyed my Sedona adventure!!

Thanks for Visiting :))

Nov 1, 2012

Happy November

I don't know if this is just me
but this year has gone by super fast.. it's almost
Thanksgiving and Christmas!

This month I'm looking forward to many wonderful things :))
Here are just a couple..

Ill begin with today..
Today and tomorrow we celebrate
Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead.
Its a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout 
Mexico and other cultures around the world.
 This holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to 
pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.
 Want to know more about this holiday? read here

My family and I will be going to a beautiful little town to celebrate on Saturday
Will you celebrate?

Birthday Celebration
This Month is also my Sister's Birthday who I miss dearly..
We are very close and I wish I could spend more time with her
but we live a couple hundred miles away from each other.

Family Gathering
Talking about family.. I'm also looking forward to attending our annual
family reunion and catch up.. that's always fun!!

I want to share a picture of my beautiful siblings..
Here is a picture of my sister, brother and I (Christmas 2011)

Beautiful Weather
As you all know I live in Arizona..(the desert!)
and we finally are enjoying cool weather.
This is my favorite time of year because
the weather begins to cool and even get cold!!
I can finally get cozy and layer up :))

And of course Thanksgiving!!
This year is extra special because after two years we are going to
spend it with our families and not alone eating Boston Market.
I have nothing against Boston Market.. Its delicious, but there is nothing
like home-style cooking by mom and mother-in-law :))

Riley's sweater shopping
We get so excited, and I mean Riley too, because we get to go sweater shopping!!
Every year when it starts to get cool we all go shopping for Riley's sweater.
It's actually a big deal and it has become a yearly tradition!!

What are you looking forward to this month??

Happy November
Thanks for Visiting :)