Oct 26, 2012

Love is in the Air

I consider myself a romantic at heart.
I cherish the small things that make one 
fall in love over and over again.

What can win my heart over?
Definitely the small things; a simple hug and I love you.
Doing the unexpected always melts my heart.

Photography specially photography that can capture love is my favorite.
I love looking at couples and how they express their love; it's just magical :)

Here are some of my inspirations to continue being a romantic kind of girl!  

Jose Villa: He has some of the best photography work I 
have ever seen, definitely an inspiration :)

I hope Love inspires you today and always
Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Okay, so by the second page of your older posts, I realized that it's going to take less than a hot second for you to blow up in blog land! You are talented, girl -- and your DIY photography is lovely, too.

    Your newest follower! So happy you stopped by my blog and left some love.

    1. Hi Katie, Thanks for the awesome feedback and the sweet compliments... right behind ya :))


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