Oct 9, 2012

DIY Halloween Mummy Luminarias

 I wanted to make a fun and easy project 
for Halloween and I was inspired by 
from Better Homes and Gardens.

This really is an easy and fun project.
The best part is that each luminaria is unique
and personalized.

These mummy luminarias look so nice at night.
They really light up the night and add a nice 
eerie accent to any pathway. 
They can also be hung from a tree or a patio.

DIY Mummy Luminarias


Mason Jar
Masking Tape
Floral Wire (this is what I used)
Black permanent marker or black acrylic paint

black glitter
paint brush (optional for glitter)
small candle or votive candle to light up at night

Step 1:
With a black permanent marker draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Be creative and silly or even scary!

Step 2:
I decided to add glitter to my face.
This is totally optional.

FYI: Leaving the jar like the one below also works.
The candle light makes the glitter really stand out.

Step 3:
I decided to add handles to my luminarias
and this is how I did it:
1. cut the wire (length desired)
2. Wrap one end around the neck of the jar like I did below. 

3. Then I secured the wire by twisting it and cutting the excess wire.

4. I then took the other end of the wire and brought it over the jar to the opposite side.

5. Taking the end of the wire I tucked it under the previous 
wire around the neck of the jar

6. Then I made a loop and twisted the wire. 

Step 4:
Then I secured the wire by adding masking tape all around 
the top of the jar where the wire was placed.

Step 5:
With my fingers I rippe the masking tape in half to 
get that jagged mummy look.

Step 6:
After cutting multiple pieces of masking tape I began to tape it around the jar.
I chose to have the ripped side up.

Here is the final look

This is how they look in the dark

and outside.

Thanks for visiting
and enjoy making these fun 
Mummy Luminarias.

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  1. That is so cool! I really like them lit up! :)
    Too bad Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Brazil, it must be lots of fun to decorate everything and go trick or treating! =D



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