Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap 8/18

Happy Monday Friends!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was super busy but also very productive. I had the opportunity to drive back home this weekend to visit my family and grandmother. It's always great when we get a chance to go back home and then Sunday comes and I don't want to come back. 

Home Sweet Home
My high this weekend was being able to visit my family and spending quality time with my grandmother. My low was that my grandmother isn't doing well and it was heartbreaking to see her so fragile and sick, I'm praying that she heals soon.

After a few hours on the road 
After a few hours on the road this is how Riley looks. He lays and looks at us like, "are we there yet?" He's very patient and that's probably because he knows that our long trips mean he get's to see grandma and the other doggies. He loves our second home just as much as we do.

Blogging is slow
I feel like my blogging has been on a slow train and it'll probably be a little slow for the next few weeks. My schedule has been so hectic and whenever I have free time, all I want to do is spent time with the Mr. or sleep. My body needs to adjust and I know once it does my blogging will get on the normal track, hopefully!

How has your blogging been lately?

1 Wish:
"It's easier said than done" I wish it was easy to do both and not just one part.

Random Fact:
- I love chocolate bars with any kind of nuts. 
- Snickers is one of my favorite chocolates.

How was your weekend?
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :)

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Simple Things Sunday: Sunday's Letters

Dear California every time I see your welcome sign I can't help but to feel jitters that make my body want to jump with excitement. Your sweet smell, the smell of wet dirt and wet grass, remind me that home is where my heart is.

Dear Grandmother spending quality time with you is all I wanted. Your strength and brave soul gave me the opportunity to hold your hands and stroke your beautiful skin one more time. My heart is now peaceful and fearless ready to leave everything in god's hands.

Dear Mom your strength and caring heart amazes me. Your unconditional love sees no limits or restrictions. I see your caring heart everywhere you are, with everyone you come across. I love you with the same unconditional love!

Dear Home Sweet Home all I needed was your comfort, love, smells, food, to see your walls and sleep on my comfortable bed. I will see you soon for another dose of everything you hold.

Spending time with family and my grandmother this weekend was so healing. I can't wait to go back home!

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